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Business functions

The Legal and Corporate Affairs Department is dedicated to the assessment of company decisions and evaluations in accordance with the values and ideals inherent in the Group’s ethical code. The department oversees Corporate Governance by ensuring a culture of compliance to safeguard the preservation of the Group’s enterprise value. Its goal is to meet the needs of the Group by offering legal and contractual support, providing relevant analysis to all the Group’s functions, and ensuring that changes in the Group’s organizational and managerial models are reflected in the adjustment of corporate structures. 

The Environment, Health and Safety Department defines policies and procedures for safety, health and environmental protections. With the help of the Heads of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP), it implements an effective monitoring and control system to ensure that the established standards are being maintained. 

The Administration, Finance and Control Department coordinates the Group’s administrative, financial, and management control activities. It defines and implements the Corporate Finance policy and maintains a constant liaison with the Group’s independent auditors and external board of statutory auditors.

In addition to the responsibility of meeting client and stakeholder expectations, the Quality Assurance Department is the custodian for managing the procedures that guarantee product compliance. The department promotes the growth of internal know-how to ensure company excellence, especially with regards to certifications and legal regulations. It also heads the laboratory where materials and finished products are tested. 

The Communication, PR, and Advertising Department is responsible for all activities that promote the brand image of the Group’s constituent companies. It also develops communication and positioning strategies for each Brand, manages relations with Italian and international media, and plans and organizes events.   

The Engineering Department plans and manufactures products according to the defined shapes and styles as well as the target costs and time schedules assigned. Products are developed in compliance with the quality requisites and international legal regulations that apply to the sector. 

 The Operations Department coordinates the Production, Purchasing and Logistics functions and is responsible for ensuring that all production activities are coherent, efficient and effective.The phases of the production process are carried out in accordance with standard times and methods, expected quality and time-to-market specified in the contract signed with the clients. The purchasing function defines and implements the procurement policies of goods and services, guaranteeing pre-established quality levels and time schedules; it constantly seeks new partnerships to improve the quality of the products and services offered. Logistics plans, manages and coordinates product distribution activities; it manages procurement, storage and shipment activities.

The Research & Development Department is the result of the collaboration among internal skills and the interaction with external Designers. It defines the Strategic Development Plan managing all the necessary phases, from research to design, from planning to prototyping the model to be produced. 

The objective of the Human Resource Department is to spread the organisational culture and values shared by the Group. It implements all the mechanisms for attracting, retaining and developing talents, it sets HR guidelines and policies, it defines and implements them to harmonise the Group’s organisational behaviour. It defines training programmes for both managers and general staff as well as guidelines for accessing benefits. 

The Sales & Marketing Department is responsible for developing the business in the 5 World Macro Regions, namely Italy, Europe - Middle East - Africa (EMEA), the Americas, Greater China & India and Far East, by managing the sales of product listings, defining appropriate commercial policies and implementing Brand strategies locally. It coordinates all the distribution channels, both direct (own stores) and indirect (stores managed by partners, multi-brand shops, institutional clients for supplies, etc.), processing a development plan for each market and the related budget in close connection and agreement with the General Management. 

The IT Systems are responsible for both guaranteeing the proper operation of the technological/management infrastructure that supports the business processes of Group Companies as well as recommending and managing adjustment projects to meet changing business needs. The main activity areas are Technology (Network Architecture, Server, Distributed IT systems, basic SW), Management (Processes, Management Systems) and Digital Communication (Websites, Social Media, e-commerce, mobile Apps).