People & Careers

  • Sense of responsibility

    Strive to maintain the promises and commitments made, and encourage individuals to take responsibility for meeting pre-established goals.
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  • Leadership

    Displaying leadership in every role and mission, to satisfy requirements and promote the interests of stakeholders (shareholders, clients, suppliers, institutions, the environment). Guarantee the development of personnel and respect for communities of reference.
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  • Quality and design

    Focusing on the overall quality of materials, products and services to ensure the highest canons of beauty, luxury and perfection, symbolic of the best Italian traditions.
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  • Focusing on people

    Create a pleasant and tranquil working environment, respecting and motivating people by providing training and development opportunities.
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  • Integrity

    Pursue and maintain high ethical standards, openly and honestly expressing your ideas. Focus on the environment and safety to guarantee sustainable growth.
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  • Teamwork

    Contribute with a sense of team spirit, sharing in successes but also learning together from errors made to continuously improve and guarantee effective communications at all levels.
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  • Change and innovation

    Putting passion into your work, always seeking better and innovative solutions, ready to face new challenges and promote change.
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